Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Reason for a Brief Break

I wanted to let you all know the reason for a quick pause on updates. Our daughter, Annabel Grace Crane, was born on Feb 8th. She was quite stubborn to join us, but after 36 hrs of labor we had a healthy baby. We are both enjoying parenthood and learning a lot everyday. I have to add a few pictures as a proud dad (and thankfully she looks mostly like her mother).


Don't worry I have few projects in the works. So look for future posts on:

  • Building a 4 tap keezer (with a few novel ideas)
  • Brewing a split batch, Berliner Weiss (surprisingly my first) and a Belgian Single
  • Brewing a Belgian Grand Cru with the majority of flavor coming from homemade candi sugar
  • Working with a fellow QUAFF homebrewer on isolating yeast and bacteria from some of my favorite dregs

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