Thursday, May 28, 2015

NHC 2015 - San Diego: Acid Beer Seminar + Brett Strain Tasting

We are now just 2 weeks away from National Homebrewers Conference (NHC) in San Diego. This will actually be my first conference (unfortunate timing the past years). I will be speaking this year at the conference as well. Knowing that this event is large enough that we get a lot of  homebrewers travelling to attend, I wanted to make sure I try to meet as many of you as possible that (actually are still following) share the passion of brewing sour/wild/Brett beers. Please reach out in the comments or while you are at the conference (name tags help with this).

 With that being said, I've put together my schedule for the show that is geared toward sour and wild brewing.

Wednesday, June 10 Thursday, June 11 Friday, June 12 Saturday, June 13
9:00 AM       Mastering the Art of Hop-Fu!
9:15 AM      
9:30 AM      
9:45 AM      
10:00 AM        
10:15 AM     Intro to Professional Brewing QA Taking Funky Beers from Homebrew to Pro
10:30 AM    
10:45 AM    
11:00 AM    
11:15 AM        
11:30 AM        
11:45 AM        
12:00 PM Kearny Mesa Brew Bus      
12:15 PM      
12:30 PM      
12:45 PM Practical Blending and Post Fermentation Adjustments for the Homebrewer Brewing with Coffee: Approaches & Techniques from Dry-Beaning to Home Roasting Hops: Grow and Enjoy Your Own
1:00 PM
1:15 PM
1:30 PM
1:45 PM      
2:00 PM Wild and Spontaneous Fermentation at Home Panel: Taking Homebrewing to the Pro Level, From Concept and Design Through Opening Berliner and Beyond: Sour Mashing and Its Applications
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
3:00 PM      
3:15 PM   How to Brew, Blend and Maintain an Acid Beer  
3:30 PM    
3:45 PM    
4:00 PM    
4:15 PM      
4:30 PM Keynote    
4:45 PM Tasting Panel for the Eureka Brewing Great Brett Experiment  
5:00 PM  
5:15 PM    
5:30 PM      
5:45 PM      
6:00 PM     Banquet & Award Ceremony
6:15 PM    
6:30 PM    
6:45 PM      
7:00 PM   Welcome Reception & Toast featuring BA member breweries  
7:15 PM    
7:30 PM   Club Night featuring AHA member clubs
7:45 PM  
8:00 PM  
8:15 PM  
8:30 PM  
8:45 PM  
9:00 PM  
9:15 PM  
9:30 PM  
9:45 PM  
10:00 PM  
10:15 PM  
10:30 PM   Social Club
10:45 PM  
11:00 PM    
11:15 PM    
11:30 PM      
11:45 PM      
12:00 AM      

My seminar is going to be at 3:15 on Friday afternoon in the Pacific Salon. I'm quite happy with how this presentation is coming together. The focus is on practical tips to produce beer with a strong lactic acid character along with a house Brett flavor. I think there is some good original content and the process has been working well for us at  Council Brewing. We will also be serving 2 Council Brewing beers during the talk - 1. Our acid beer - which has never been poured 2. Our house Saison - Farmers Gold

I know there is already a lot going on at the conference, but I would really like to organize a time to get together and taste through the 20 Eureka Brewing Brett strains. It's been over a year since they were all tasted and over 1.5 yr since they were brewed. I figured maybe some of the other participants would be attending and we could find an area to taste through these beers. I put a tentative time on the schedule above. Please leave a comment or email me (Jeffrey.E.Crane at gmail) if you are interested. (no conference ticket needed)

During the Welcome Reception, I'll be pouring some of our Beatitude Tart Saison at the Council Brewing booth. And my plan for club night is to have some bottles of homebrew available at the QUAFF booth and likely walking around with a few. 

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