Beer Recipes

Traditional Styles:
Maredsous BDSA 2011 - Same wort as BDSA 2011, used dregs from Maredsous Bruin
Belgian Dark Strong 2011 - 1.089, Blend of Achouffe/Rochefort yeasts, complex malt bill
Belgian Dubbel 2011 - A few changes: lower IBU, WLP575 yeast, real D2 syrup, and softer water.
Achouffe Pale Ale - BPA wort with dregs from Achouffe - nice big Belgian phenols.
Rochefort Pale Ale - BPA wort with dregs from Rochefort 8 - nice mild fruitiness
Belgian Pale Ale - I made a pretty traditional grist and tried the White Labs Yeast Blend WLP575
French Saison - A traditional Saison grist with a touch of acid malt and fermented with Wyeast French Saison yeast.
Old Ale - this is an old world version with English treacle, Oak and Brett C (which was originally isolated from a stock ale barrel)
Belgian Golden Strong -  A Classic middle range Belgian Golden Strong with WLP500 (Chimay) yeast. It had some super attenuation and is now over 10% and has a lot of alcohol warmth. It will be aged.
Belgian Dubbel - my attempt at the style with a big focus toward dark fruit, and tried to make my own candi syrup. Also with WLP500 (Chimay) yeast.
California Common - I brewed this to be competition worthy. I got the malt very right but need a ton more hops.
American Amber Ale - A true West Coast hop bomb. Brewed for my Sister's Graduation.
2010 Scottish 80 - Brewed to Jamil's recipe except with some Oatmeal to improve head retention and mouthfeel.

Fantome Noel Dark Saison - dregs from a bottle of Fantome de Noel added to my Dark Saison wort and will age on some Spanish cedar used for cigars.
Lente Saison - Used the dregs from the Bruery's Saison de Lente in my Traditional French Saison wort.
2011 Flanders Red - Minor grist changes with Maris Otter and Flaked corn. Using the second pitch from the Rosealare yeast. Also using a softer water profile.
Brett C Saison - Used White Labs Brett C only in Traditional French Saison wort.
Spring Gose - a quick sour beer. I made a twist on the Classic Gose and added cranberries and zest from oranges and lemons. Very drinkable.
Scottish Stock Ale - My Scottish Ale formed a bunch of Diacetyl after using gelatin (reason still unknown) so I added the dregs of Mikkeller It's Alright
Avery 15 Old Ale - I liked the previous of Bitter batch so much a had to pitch a gallon of Old Ale wort on the yeast cake.
Avery 15 Bitter - Used Avery 15 (or Drie Fonteinen) dregs in my Best Bitter wort. This beer is super fruity with very little sourness so far. I just wish I made more.
Holiday Party Oud Bruin - I used all the yeast dregs from beers we drank at our Holiday Party into the my Oud Bruin wort.
Oud Bruin 2010 - Jamil's recipe but with1 lb of Flaked Maize and using the White Lab's Sour Mix.
Brett C Brown Ale -a slightly roasted Brown Ale that I added the dregs from a friend's beer that had an English ale yeast and White Labs Brett C. The roast and funk are a nice combo.
Classic Gose 2010 - a low alcohol, tart, light beer with coriander and salt
Russian River Golden Sour - 2010 Belgian Golden Strong wort with Russian River Consecration dregs
Lost Belgian Abbey Dubbel - 2010 Belgium Dubbel wort with Lost Abbey's Judgement Day dregs. Red wine grapes (cabernet?) and dextrin added. Lost Abbey sour bugs to be added shortly.
Belgian Singel Sour - uses 2010 Belgian Singel wort with Allagash Confluence Ale dregs.
Black Jolly Sour - uses Black California Common wort with Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire dregs.
Common Sour Pale - uses California Common wort with Bavik Petrus Aged Pale Ale and Bavik Petrus Oud Bruin dregs. Then blended with 50/50 with California Common and 1/4 oz French Oak cubes
Summer Kriek - uses Summer Solstice wort with Old Beersel Framboise dregs. .5 lb sour, .5 lb sweet cherries added. Cantillion Kriek dregs will also be added along with more cherries.
2010 Flander's Red - uses Jamil recipe with a slight adjustment and Rosealare yeast.

English Ale Cider - Safale - 04 dry yeast in commercial organic cider. A nice cider with some fruity esters that match very the apple flavor well
Tripel Spiced Sour Cider - a cider that used WLP500 (Chimay) yeast, spiced with cinnamon, clove, and all spice then was inoculated with House Bugs
California Common Cider - apple blend use California Common yeast and fermented in low 60s

Session Beers:
Dupont Foret Saison - fermented with bottle dregs in the table strength Saison wort
San Diego Session Saison - A table strength Saison made with 20% flaked corn, piloncillo and Wyeast French Saison yeast. A low alcohol beer with so much flavor.

2011 Scottish 60/- - this recipe is getting super malty just like I like my Scottish ales. I even adjusted my water to help bring out the malt flavor.
2011 Best Bitter - A very fruity and floral version of a traditional English cask beer
2010 English Mild - this beer is getting close to perfected, has just the right amount of roast and just enough body to be the perfect winter session beer.
Belgian Single, Patersbier, Enkel -  a low alcohol, Monk's beer. Basically a glorified yeast starter for my WLP500 Chimay yeast.
Summer Solstice Ale - a cousin (not a clone) of the Anderson Valley Cereza Crema. Great beer to have at a hot summer BBQ.

Elderberry Wine - Collected native elderberries from San Diego (Sambucus mexicana), fermented with Russian River's Rockpile yeast
Dark Saison - A very malty, high alcohol, dry Saison with a touch of roast. Great beer to age a bit and drink in the Fall
Ancho Chile Saison - the table Saison that was dry-chiled with Ancho chiles for 10 days
Cherrywood Smoked  IPA - My first attempt at a smoked beer and an IPA. It turned out ok, but with I have some good suggestions for the next batch
Scottish Gruit - This beer has a Scottish Ale base beer and no hops. This gruit uses native plants from San Diego from Douglas Mugwort, Yarrow, Pearly Everlasting, and Elderberry flower.
Black California Common -  Basically a super malty (Munich base malt) Schwarz beer that uses a California Common yeast. I also hopped and dry-hopped with Northern Brewer.

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