Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dreg Series: Belgian Single Sour

I have been waiting to make this one for some time. A good friend of mine bought me a 2009 Allagash Confluence Ale for my birthday this year.(Sidenote: amazing beer, the beer completely changes as it warms up from a great Belgian Strong to a nice funky almost Saison) I knew this was bottle conditioned and I also know that it is a mixed ferment with their house Belgian yeast and house Brett strain. What I didn't know is if the yeast in the bottle was this yeast or just some bottling yeast. Well one way to find out. Since this bottle was a 2009 I decided to make a small starter (1/4 cup DME, 1 cup Water). After about a week I really didn't see much activity but I decided to give it a good shake and I say CO2. So that was a good sign.

So with the starter already in a gallon jug. I poured off the wort from my Belgian Single after boiling for about 25 minutes into another jug. I cooled this quickly with an ice bath and poured it into the starter jug. And with 12 hours I had a pretty good fermentation. I really hope that this yeast is their house blend. I will keep you updated with notes.

Also I am debating increasing the gravity with a few additions of candi sugar overtime since the OG = 1.034.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 5
9/8/10 Gravity Reading - 1.000 - wow, that mixed culture is a monster. So it looks like there really isn't any more food for the Brett to keep funkifying the beer. Something will need to be added. Also tasted this beer and it was very clean and well boring. Ideas?

12/11/10 Gravity - .099 - Well the Brett is coming to play. It is starting to have a nice aroma but the flavor is still much to be desired. I just found some Muscat grape juice from a local vineyard. I added the whole 750 mL. And I am getting very excited about the possibilities. Check again in another 3 months.

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