Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreg Series: Holiday Party Oud Bruin

 I heard about a fellow QUAFF member using the dregs from homebrews at a club meeting to make a cider. This cider I believe placed at the San Diego County Fair competition.

So I knew I was going to bring out some nice beers for our Holiday party. So I made sure to make some extra wort that we could pour the dregs into. The one problem with this idea is that the wort is going to have to sit around for about a week without yeast. Well I learned that is not a good idea. I like to think that I am pretty santitary but it is very difficult to have a gallon of sugar water and expect nothing to start growing in it. What I could do next time is to bottle this wort and then pasturize it one the stove. And right before the party pour the bottles into the gallon container.

After a few days I noticed some growth on top. I decided to let this go a couple days until right before the party when I boiled the batch. Then throughout the party we added dregs from a few commercial beers. We had less dregs than I thought (too much filtered beer).

I did add dregs from:
- Jolly Pumpkin La Roja
- Dark Horse Brewing Company Scotty Karate
- Dominion Oak Barrel Stout

The only one I have experience with is Jolly Pumpkin. So we'll see what happens. The plan for this batch is to give it some wild currants that I forage in late summer.

08.14.11 Update
1.010 Gravity has dropped to a nice level that balances the sourness with some sweetness. The La Roja dregs are sure giving the beer a nice Flanders aroma and taste. The beer needs some fruit to add some complexity. I decided to add 6 oz of juice I made from wild gooseberries (post about making wild gooseberry juice).

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