Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fiore Tandem Part 3: Assemble & Ride

It's done and with a pretty quick turnaround. Well, that's because I didn't have to do much. The hardest part of bike restoration is finding parts. And for this bike it wasn't difficult because we were not trying to keep it original. I really like how the bike turned out. And so were Meagan and Dan (look at those smiles).

The most difficult part of this bike was adjusting the brakes. For this style of pull brakes, you basically have to do a guess and check method. I first start out by holding the calipers against the rim. Then with the other hand I slide the nut up the brake line until it is tight. Maybe the picture will help.

For most of these bike repairs the Park Tools website is unbeatable and the best part it's free. I think its very important for people to know how their bikes work and are able to fix them. If not, go support your local bike shop.

Have a great Bike to Work Week.

Step 1 - Dissemble & Document

Step 2 - Cleaning & Ordering Parts

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