Monday, June 27, 2011

Brett Beer Series: Brett C Saison

It probably should not be called a Saison since it was not made in a Farmhouse nor was it brewed with yeast from a Farmhouse (well, maybe). Naming these beers is becoming much more difficult. I wonder how soon before we will see a new BJCP Style for Brett Only Beers. Ever?
The more I think about it, the more difficult these beers are to fit in a style. Do you break them up by:
  • Brett Strains (A,B, C, L....)
  • Wort Differences (Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Hoppy, Malty)
  • Age (Fresh Fruit Flavors, Older Funky Falvors)
  • Sour or Non-Sour

This thinking has me wanting to start a new beer competition for Brett-Only beers. I guess what I'm getting to is a Category 23 Contest for Brett-Only beers. The best way would probably to have people enter their beers and describe the flavors they were trying to achieve. Let me know if there is any interest or if you have some ideas for guidelines.

Or maybe these beers aren't meant to have style guidelines and that's why we like them.

This beer fermented out in less than a week. I bottled it a month later due to being busy. For my gallon, I bottled 6 straight-up and 6 were blended 50/50 with the Traditional French Saison. The finished gravity was 1.008, which seems about right considering I mashed a little low. The hydrometer sample was pretty funky already. To be honest it didn't taste very good. It was a big mix of barnyard and a touch of dried fruit. I was expecting the beer to still have a good amount of fruit flavors. The beer did not receieve any more oxygen other than from being racked into the container. Plus it never formed a pellicle. My thought is that this beer is going through a bit of a transition. I'll taste this one over time to see how it develops.

One last thing, Thanks White Labs for the free yeast of Big Brew Day.

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  1. I think a competition for Brett/Sour beers would be amazing and well attended! Saison/ Brett's could have a few catagories based on color, and maybe one with Fruit as well as a Barrel aged. Or just three catagories, Traditional Saison/Brett, Saison/Brett with Fruit, and then a Barrel aged Saison (?)

    You'd have your classic Flanders Red, and Oud Bruin catagories.

    Berliner, Lambic, Gose, Gueze

    Then there's the American Wild Ale type catagory (not even sure how that's classified?). Would that be a 100% brett catagory, and then a 100% brett + Pedio +Lacto

    You could have a Barrel aged category for all styles.

    I'm getting pumped about this!


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