Friday, July 29, 2011

Homebrew Tasting: Traditional French Saison

I have decided to do all my tasting notes on the official BJCP Tasting Form/ Score Sheet. It is really helpful and I don't need to have a computer out or copy my notes into print. This is also nice because I can open a beer for a group of people and get their feedback and record this on the score sheet. Then the paper goes into my brewing binder so I can refer to it next year.

Overall this beer is right on the style guidelines, but didn't have that elevated punch. All the flavors were a bit weak. For next year's batch I will do a few things different:
- Blend the French Saison with a more flavor dominant yeast like the Dupont Strain
- Add light spices to elevate the flavor notes I want to focus on
- More wheat or other higher protein grain like spelt to improve mouthfeel and head retention.

I also have this 3rd party review from the San Diego County Fair Homebrew Contest. It is a huge (800+ entries) single day competition so the feedback is not very good. The upside is that you get 2 fair admissions for a $6 entry (this is now the only reason I enter).
NHC 2012 Results


  1. That's a good habit to get into... Have you been through the BJCP program or how are you coming up with your score?

  2. No Official Training yet. My homebrew club QUAFF does offer monthly classes, but I have been a bit busy for those.

    I just read along with the style guidelines and give my best opinion on how close the beer came to meeting the style. The ratings for me are a bit arbitrary. I'm more concerned with how I'll improve the beer next time. And to pick out what I want to change it really helps to break down the beer into the categories on the BJCP Scoresheet.


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