Friday, April 6, 2012

Homebrew Tasting - Muscat Confluence

I have finally got around to tasting one of my first ever dreg beers. And it was worth the wait.

Allagash Confluence was one of the first truly Brett Beers I've ever had. I remember the experience very well, my good friend Ben bought me a 2009 Confluence for my birthday. We shared it that night and I recall being blown away with how the flavor changed with each sip as the beer warmed up. I was hoping to accomplish something similar, with using a very simple Belgian Singel base wort and letting the yeast be the main focus. After about 6 months, I wasn't too impressed (with my experience now, I probably wouldn't have touched it) so I added a 750 ml bottle of Muscat grape juice. This grape is popular in sweet dessert wines and I really like the taste and aroma.

This beer is already pretty old, but I am looking forward to occasionally tasting this beer and seeing how it changes.


  1. Where did you get muscat juice? Ive been wanting to do a slightly soured blonde with pink muscat, but I rarely see the actual grapes

  2. At a very small winery in Escondido, CA called Ferrara Winery.

    I really like the flavor of the muscat grape juice. I am not sure if it is available year round. I talked with the owner for a while and I may try to get some grapes from him during the Fall harvest.

    Let me know if you want help getting a bottle.


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