Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreg Series: Red Poppy Flanders Red

I'm finally back into trying some more sour beer dregs. I have had Lost Abbey Red Poppy on my list for a couple years (since the beginning). It is one of my favorite sour beers and it's too bad about the limited supply ( I have been reading that they are planning to expand). Red Poppy is just a great balanced beer that has obvious complexity. I'm not sure if that statement makes sense to anyone else. I mean that I can clearly taste each ingredient when I'm searching for it and when I just take a sip without thinking the beer is just so easy to enjoy.

For this batch I used a gallon of wort from my 2012 Flanders Red and pitched the dregs from a 2012 Red Poppy bottle. I shared the bottle with a couple of sour beer loving friends and then foil capped it. That night I added 2 oz of 1.030 wort and gave it a good shake. Four days later, I added another 4 oz of 1.030 wort and I saw some active fermentation in the bottle. After another 3-4 days the whole 6 oz starter was swirled and pitched into the gallon of wort. I had pretty active fermentation in 24 hours. And the beer seemed to primarily ferment out in about a week.

I haven't take a taste because it is only a gallon batch, but I probably will in a few months. The beer will also be getting ~.25 oz of medium toast French Oak cubes.

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