Friday, July 20, 2012

Homebrew Tasting: Brett C Saison

I really wanted to drink some Saison especially with the 20 gals I just brewed, but none of it is ready yet. I started looking through my beers and realized I hadn't tried my Brett C Saison from last year in quite a while. Plus I had never posted any official tasting notes.

If you look back on the Brewing Post, I mentioned, "hydrometer sample was pretty funky already. To be honest it didn't taste very good. It was a big mix of barnyard and a touch of dried fruit. I was expecting the beer to still have a good amount of fruit flavors". I did try a carbonated version shortly after and still wasn't pleased with the beer. I got an over-the-top phenolic character and very little fruit notes. Actually the phenolic was so strong that it created a bitter astringent aftertaste. This taste really doesn't work with the dry, refreshing Saison style. I know that it is not the fault of the wort because the other batches that used the same wort turned out great.

I did not aerate the wort very much when I pitch the Brett. And it was kept in the mid 70s during fermentation. I didn't use a starter, but added 1 fresh vial into 1 gal of wort. If I every brew this style of beer again, I will make a large starter and aerate well.

Below are my homebrew tasting notes about this beer after it has been aging for about a year. As you can see, the beer really hasn't changed much from my initial assessment. I have a few more bottles that I'll taste in at least 6 more months.


  1. Interesting and disappointing to hear the flavor has not improved on this. I have a beer that I added Brett c. to and also got this not-very-good phenolc flavor to it - something akin to plastic or rubber. I have been hoping it will age well - my first notes were from when I tried one in March ( It will be in the bottle one year this August/September so I was planning on tasting it again then. Maybe someday we'll both be pleasantly surprised by these beers!

    1. In my limited experience, I haven't noticed the plastic or smokey (vinyl) phenols change much with time. There is usually a big change in esters and acids over time.

      Good luck with your beer and let me know if you have a different experience.


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