Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Brewing Goals

This has been a great year for me both personally and in the beer world. A few highlights from the beer side:

  • GABF - This was my first time attending and won't be the last. We had a well planned out trip and it couldn't have been more entertaining with a balance of beer and hiking. I got to so many sour and farmhouse beers that really helped guide my palate to what I want from my homebrews. Our Plan. Our Experience.

  • Barrel Project - For year's I have wanted to age some beer in a barrel and this year it came together. With 5 other members from my homebrew club (QUAFF) we brewed an American Saison and fermented it in a freshly racked Chardonnay Barrel. Brewday here. Bottling here. Tasting here.

Brewing Calendar:

Split Batch: Berliner Weiss (5 Gal) - Belgian Single (5 gal)

Belgian Grand Cru - using homemade candi sugar for the color and flavor
Belgian Quad - Hopefully a Collaboration with Jeff B
Split on Cognac soaked oak and Grand Marnier soaked oak

Biere De Garde - A Possible Collaboration with Lewy Brewing and Danny at Deeper Roots Brewing

Table Saison - Using a new grain type and multiple Saison strains
Flanders Red

Traditional Saison
1 gal batch – St. Somewhere dregs

Dark Saison

100% Brett Beer Experiment - Still acquiring strains

Homegrown Hops Pale Ale

English Dark Mild

Big Body Stout for Blending

HUGE Barleywine

Other Goals
  • Setup 4 tap keezer in the new garage
  • Acquire a couple barrels for some group projects
  • Host a big blending session
  • Find time to brew

Cheers and Happy New Year!


  1. I had a chance to taste your beer at the San Diego County Fair and it was delicious. You should be proud of that second place finish. I'd love to do some barrel aging this year, and your experience will inform that process for me, I have no doubt. You have an ambitious plan for 2013-I hope I can meet up with you and Lewy in April for that Biere de Garde.

  2. I hope to be involved in a few of these!

    1. I hope to find enough time to brew but when I do you will be involved.


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