Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2009 Hop Gardens

Growing hops seemed pretty easy so last year I decided to go for it. I planted two varieties (One for my English Style Ales and one for my American style) in two different locations. I planted 2 Goldings rhizomes in my Mom's backyard and created a tower for them to grow on. It is an old tether-ball pole that I tied twin to the top of and then staked into the soil. I tried to treat the soil with a good amount of cow manure and potting soil. And then I ran the drip system to each rhizome.
RESULTS: Both rhizomes came up and grew about 12" then stalled and eventually died. I believe once the summer heat kicked in they did not get enough water. Also I think with the English varieties the So Cal sun is too strong so a sun shade might help.

I also planted 2 Cascade rhizomes at my Dad's house. For that system we install eyelets near the 2nd story roof and ran twine.This is the best way to do it, because when it comes time to harvest I can just release one side of the twine and the whole bine will come down. And I can even string it back up if I need to do multiple harvests.
RESULTS: One bine grew steady to about 5-6 ft and the other grew pretty tall at over 10 ft. But neither produced cones, so I have big hopes for this upcoming growing season.

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