Friday, April 30, 2010

Bridges to Beer Bike Ride

This ride was for fun and well necessity (needed yeast). Check out the map

It didn't seem very far but mostly because it was scenic except for a decent portion of the way back. If When I do the ride this route again. I think I might try going on the bike path along the 8 freeway and see where I end up.
So I started up 16th St which on the map looks like a decent hill but it is not until you hit City College. Then there is a pretty steep hill (you can walk it) up to the pedestrian bridge across the 5 freeway. Crossing the freeway is pretty neat and the view of the city is great.
Then I headed through Balboa Park, easy place to get distracted and that day the March of Dimes walk was taking place (always something). I head past the Museum of Natural History over my 2nd Bridge or as I knew it as a kid "Suicide Bridge". Keep going straight till you hit 1st Ave. and hang a right.

Your next bridge is the newly restored 1st Ave Bridge, great view of the bay.
Keep on 1st then right on Spruce and you will see the entrance to the coolest bridge in San Diego at the dead end.

This suspension bridge is quite amazing and sort of a thrill to ride your bike across. Take and immediate right and then follow the streets and they will finally lead you back out to 1st Ave. Take a left.Then follow 1st for a while and hang a left on University then right on Goldfinch. Cross over Washington and take your first left on Fort Stockton Dr.. This is a cool road to ride on and it will take you for a ways.
Soon you'll be among some big expensive homes, when the street ends go left. This takes you all the way to the top of Old Town Park. A great place for a picnic.
The rest of the ride was pretty boring and not worth detailing. Except I did stop by the Old Mission Brewery building. Nothing is going on there yet but with a bit of research I found out that New English Brewing Company
is going to open there soon.
I also passed by Art Walk in Little Italy which is a pretty big event and ended my journey going down the bike path adjacent to the trolley tracks.

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