Monday, April 26, 2010

Brewing Equipment: Fermentation Cabinet - Step 2

The next step is to build up the cabinet to to fit the fridge guts into. I have a very specific area where this cabinet will go. Basically my space is 66" tall x 25" wide and 16" deep. This is a pretty small space but it works for my equipment. I have space in the fridge compartment for one 5 gal carboy or 2 - 3 gal Better Bottles. And then there is 2 shelves plus the top so I can fit the rest of my equipment.
I need to buy a temperature control unit for the fridge compartment. I read through Homebrew talk for a while and decided on a Love TSX - 10140.
One way to wire this controller to the fridge is done by the below wiring diagram.

So here are some pictures of the build (a bit blurry)

Still need doors, insulation installed, wiring completed and then finishing and paint.
Step 1 - Fridge Disassemble

Step 3 - Painting and Insulation

Step 4 - Wiring and Organization

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