Thursday, April 8, 2010

2009 San Diego Brewery Tour - South

So my sister and I always struggle with good gifts for my mom because she doesn't need anymore processions. So we try to find fun events or experiences that we can enjoy with her. Over the years I have been into beer I have corrupted the taste buds of people around me including my mom and sister. Hence our idea for a San Diego Brewery tour. Now there are too many breweries in San Diego to do in one day and they are too spread out. So this first year I started with places that I knew my mom and sister would like and made sure to mix in places with food (key).
I put everything together into a nice packet that we wrapped up for her. Here are some screen shots of the packet. If interested please contact me and I'll send you a word version that you can edit.
Optional: We didn't make it but right in the same path is:
Be Safe

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