Friday, July 2, 2010

Ash's Huffy Bike Build / Restore Step #5 - Done

For the cables I needed to completely replace the housing and cables for both the brakes and the 3 speed hub. A tip here is to keep everything together and try not to cut anything. Length matters. I headed over to my new favorite bike shop, Velo Cult in North Park. I was able to get the brake cables and housing (they cut the housing to length, which is nice because the proper tool is $25). I also got a universal derailleur cable that turned out to be its own project. I go to install the derailleur cable and the end spindle is the incorrect size. After a slight freak out I decided I can fix this by replacing the current one with my old one. The pictures explain how to do this. I had to be very careful and bend slowly using a vice.
Once that was together the way the internal hub works is by having the correct tension on the cable. It is best described here with the following:
Shimano 3-Speed Hub:
"Slide the pushrod into the axle. Screw the lever assembly onto the axle approximately seven turns. Generally, at just a bit more than seven turns, the lever will not screw on by hand any more. Back it up until the cable connection aligns with the cable.
Put the shifter into second gear and connect the cable to the lever assembly. Turn this connection until the line and circle on the lever itself align with the slot in the lever housing."

That was pretty easy to do, trust me. If the gears are not working well then more than likely you need to oil the hub. I used 10W-30 and pedaled it around a bit and it seems to be working well for being 40 years old.
Next I put the change on which is pretty easy to do with the old style master links. The master link just pops off with the easy push of a screw driver. Then make sure the chain is the right length by hooking it to the back tire and making sure it has no slack and room to be tightened in the drop-outs.
I thought I was done. But as soon as I was finished I couldn't wait till the weekend to tell me wife about it, so I started telling her how it turned out. And she reminded me that she wanted chrome fenders. Sooooo...I'm not done. But luckily this is easy so I ordered some up and installed them quite easily. I have to admit they look way better than the white ones.
Here are a few Before and After pics. I'll following up with some riding photos soon.

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