Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Flandria Fixed Gear (Fixie) Conversion Project

I figured I needed a fixed gear bike. Because I don't have one. Well, really because they are great for training rides and they seem like a lot of fun. Plus I live downtown so I need to fit in.
I have had my mom's old steel bike that she used in college and I actually refurbished for my first triathlon. Well it was stored outdoors all through college and it did not weather all that well. It seemed like a great candidate for a fixed gear bicycle.
Remember from my first project that it is very important to take a lot of before pictures. And to also bag all of your parts. Well I actually started this project before Ash's Azuki Bike but I stopped because I wanted her to have a bike. I do have a few before pics but they are crap quality and finding the parts have made this process much more difficult.
I don't really even remember much of the dissemble process except for the cotter pins. Cotter pins are an interesting way that pedals used to be connected to the cranks. There are a few ways to remove these and it depends on what you have on hand.
Method #1: Use penetrating oil (PB Blaster or WD-40) and a punch. Let the parts soak, the longer the better (24 hours is good). And make sure your punch is smaller than the bolt, the whole point is t avoid ruining the threads(which I did not on my first try but I will show you how to fix that later)
Method #2: Preferred method. Use a cotter pin press. Here is the ultimate tool. But I have tried some interesting setups using a couple pieces of scrap metal and a vice or big c-clamp. I forgot to take a pic but if I do it again I will.

Step 1 - Background, Disassemble
Step 2 - Frame Painting
Step 3 - Handlebar & Fork Assembly
Step 4 - Gearing (Gear Ratio)
Step 5 - Wheels and Hubs
Step 6 - Custom Leather Saddle
Step 7 - Custom Leather Handlebars

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