Friday, March 11, 2011

Cider Series: English Ale Yeast

So here is one more in my line-up of Cider Experiments. This time I used 30 mL of yeast from my Best Bitter. So as always I poured out about 20 oz into a 22 oz bottle and capped it (Here is a secret that I forgot this time, put it in the fridge). It appeared to ferment a bit so I had to buy some Martinelli apple juice that I will use to back-sweeten.

With the fresh yeast out of the Bitter the cider had active fermentation within 12 hours. Cider krausens aren't as explosive as beer. It kept actively fermenting for a week at 68 degrees. The beer finished at 1.002.

Then I bottled the cider by force carbing the cider to 3 volumes. (I like sparkling cider). Then using a sanitized measuring cup I added 1.5 oz of the fresh apple juice to each bottle before filling. I found that this amount adds just enough apple flavor and sweetness back. My previous batches I used 2 oz and I find that it is too sweet and much closer to the commercial versions like Wyder's.

I like to cold age this for quite a while for a couple reasons.
1) It makes sure that the yeast won't ferment your backsweetened cider (you can also use campden tabs)
2) It really helps to round out the flavors and the apple flavor seems to become more pronounced.

So look for a tasting in a few months.

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