Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pub Crawl: Las Vegas

For me, it is getting into Bachelor Party Season. Which for me living in Southern California means . . . VEGAS.

I put this pub crawl together for a friend's party last year. We didn't follow the plan, but anyone that has been to Las Vegas they know how easily it is for things to get off track. We did still end up hitting most of these places. See the map below.

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I recommend that you start with dinner at Hofbrauhaus. Get yourself a giant sausage and das boot, (get reservations for dinner so you can be in the main hall) then see where the night takes you. Then, the next 2 stops are in good stumbling distance across the UNLV campus. I can't give reviews on those 2 places because we decided to head straight to the strip but they seem to be the only sorta real beer bars in Vegas. From here your best bet is to take a taxi over to the South End of the strip (save your energy because you still have 6 more stops and several miles).

The rest of the places are nothing fantastic for the good beer lover but they are a great way to see the strip and still find good beer with exception of Burger Bar. We actually went to Burger Bar on our way home from "swimming" at Mandalay Bay and it is one of my favorite places period. The burgers were great and it had a pretty decent tap and bottle list.

We had a group that wasn't into the clubs but still wanted to walk from casino to casino. The random dance parties and pictures that the dressed-up groom has to take while on the sidewalk of the strip is the whole reason to come to Vegas.

Here are some graphics if you want to make a little package for the Pub Crawl like this nerd did.

Also if I'm missing any places let me know. I know there are other beer places in Vegas, but they were not in walking distance.

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