Friday, September 30, 2011

Dreg Series: Achouffe Belgian Pale Ale

Here is the 3rd batch all from the same Belgian Pale wort mentioned in the first post. This batch followed the same procedures as the Rochefort dregs. The only difference was that the dregs came from a 750 ml bottle. For obvious reasons like more yeast and a bottle big enough for a good starter I would suggest using these if trying to pitch bottle dregs.

It will be interesting to taste the difference in this yeast versus the others because as far as Belgian yeast goes this is on the other end of the flavor spectrum. I tend to favor the fruitier flavors that you get in Chimay and some in Rochefort beers. But the Achouffe yeast is much more focused on the traditional Belgian phenols (pepper, spice). By testing this yeast with bottle dregs I'll be able to know if I may want to try WLP550 yeast in the future.

The starter was made 3 days ahead of time right in the 750 ml bottle. There was some activity in a couple days. Just like the Rochefort dregs as soon as it was pitched into the gallon of wort it had strong activity in 24 hours. Also pitched at 64 and allowed to free rise.

This has been bottled and a three way taste will be conducted shortly.

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