Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homebrew Tasting - 2010 Flanders Red

Just recently I was reminded that I did not do a formal tasting on my 2010 Flanders Red.  And the beer is over 22 months old (Brewed 4/25/10). I was recently trading some hop rhizomes with a local homebrewer and he knows that I have brewed sours. He wanted to taste a few and learn more about my process. I also thought it was a good opportunity to open a few that I have been meaning to taste again. I brought the Flanders Red because I know it is a crowd favorite and I wanted him to like at least one beer I brought over.

I also took this opportunity to make some formal tasting notes. It was a good chance to taste this beer before I enter it into NHC (which I finally entered beers into, San Diego sold out in 1 day). Well, I think the beer is ready for competition and I'm excited to receive the judge's feedback. As of now, I have only had good reviews from people that are just starting their journey into sour beers.

2010 Flanders Red - My Tasting Notes

So I am pretty darn happy with the beer. As you can see in the 2011 Flanders Red post, I made a few changes to my recipe.

NHC 2012 Results


  1. Holy smokes! Great score! Congratulations on that, brother!

    1. Whoops, I guess my post is sorta mis-leading. I use the BJCP score sheet to judge my own beers. So that score is only relevant to me or anyone that wants to believe me. I am not a certified beer judge, at least not yet.

      As soon as I get the score sheets from NHC, I will post it for comparison.

  2. Good luck Jeff! I missed out on tregistering my beers this year. Selling out in all locations in about a week is just lame why do I have an AHA membership? Sorry I'm just pissed, so I wrote Janis Gross at the AHA. I had a Flemish red that was going to be entered. Did you enter anything else?

    1. Yeah, I agree that it is pretty crazy how quickly it sold out. And they even raised the price to $10/entry, which I thought was pretty high and now have 12 locations. Homebrewing is just getting more and more popular, so I don't have a good solution for them. You don't want to add too many judging centers or you will lose the high caliber feedback of NHC.

      One thing you should do with your AHA membership is go to the rally at Stone this weekend. It is essentially a free beer fest for AHA members. (Unfortunately, I'm going to miss it this year, but it was a great time last year.)

      I actually entered 4 beers:
      - 2010 Flanders Red

      - Belgian Pale Ale with Achouffe dregs

      - 2 yr old Scottish 80/- aged on French Oak

      - Traditional French Saison

      I only entered beers that I'm really excited about. It will be neat to see how well they score.


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