Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Beer Series: 2012 English Barleywine

I have been aging my Old Ale for way too long (since Jan 2011) and needed something to take its place. My evolution in beer flavors has taken me to really enjoying barleywines, mostly english varieties. And within that style towards the sweeter and less hop aroma/flavor side. I also like the ones I have had with just a hint of oak character to make you think it has a lot of age on it (plus I really like the flavor of oak).

So I started where I normally do for the first time I brew a new style - Jamil's Brewing Classic Styles. These beers are supposed to be simple grain bills because with such a big malt flavor you don't want it to get muddled. I also made one tweak to use British crystal malts because I like the flavor much better and its more authentic.

Plus, this was also a chance to try my new grain mill (Crankandstein 2S w/ homemade hopper) and bulk Golden Promise malt. I figured with this kinda of beer I don't care too much about my efficiency with a new mill because what's the difference between a 10% or 12% barleywine.

Recipe: 2012 English Barleywine
O.G.-1.101(actual 1.121)  F.G.-TBD   IBU-52 
Size -5.0 gal    SRM-15   ABV - TBD%   

Grain Bill (60% Efficiency):
22 lb Golden Promise Malt (96%)
8 oz  Crystal 155L (2.4%)
8 oz Crystal 55L (2.4%)

1.4 oz Horizon, 9.1%, pellet, 60 min 48.6 IBU
.5 oz EK Golding, 5.5%, pellet, 20 min 3.5 IBU
.5 oz EK Golding, 5.5%, pellet, 0 min
19 g (~1.5 packs) of Nottingham dry yeast

Brew Day:
Brewed: 4/15/12


Mash Details:
H2O/Grain Ratio: 1.25 qt/lb
Mash Volume: 6.5 gal
Sacc Rest. Temp/Time: 152F @ 60min
Sparge Volume: 2.5 gal
Sparge Temp/Time: 170F

Boil Details:
Boil Volume: 6.5gal
Boil Time: 90min
Post Boil Volume: 5.0 gal

Ferment Details:
Ferment Temp: start at 66 for 4 days then 68F

Well, my efficiency (73%) was much better than I planned (60%), so this is going to be a huge beer. I'm planning to move this beer over to an aging keg and add 1 oz of French Oak cubes.

And I also made a very interesting "small beer" from the 2nd runnings - I'll post shortly about my 100% Brett Drie and 100% Nelson Sauvin hop batch.


  1. Cool post! I'm actually very interested to see how the second runnings beer turns out. Nice blow off by the way hehehe.

    1. That beer will be ready this weekend and I can't wait to start drinking it, it smells so good.


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