Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cooking with Beer: Pomegranate Beer Braised Short Ribs

It has been a while since a cooked a meal using beer and I had a rare weekend afternoon free. I decided it was about time to crack open the new beer books I got last Christmas:

The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.
San Diego's Top Brewers.

The recipe that got my attention was for Beer Braised Short Ribs, I kept seeing people make these on Top Chef this season and I have been wanting to try them. Surprisely, they are very easy to make and sort fool proof.

In a big pot (or dutch oven would be better) heat oil and then brown all the short ribs
Add carrots, celery, garlic, onions, and a chile of your choice (I used Ancho, which are my favorite). And saute until tender.

De-glaze the pot with stock (your choice), Balsamic vinegar, Beer (I chose my Imperial Stout), and this recipe called for some pomegranate juice. Use your homebrewer mentality and think of flavor combinations you would like to pair with red meat.

Add ribs to pot and make sure that the liquid covers the meat. And cook at 350 for 2 -2:30 hours. The meat should pull apart with a fork when done.

When finished, pour liquid through a strainer and reduce in a small sauce pan. The sauce is a good thickness when a thin layer sticks to the back of your spoon. I could drink this stuff it was so good.

I served the meat with a side of fingerling potatoes (tossed with oil, salt, pepper and put in the oven the last 30 minutes), fresh green beans and garlic bread (melt the butter in a shallow pan, cook garlic till golden and then dip bread and broil just before serving).


  • Buy high quality meat that has a lot of marbling - more fat = more flavor + more moisture. Or use the short ribs with the bone in.
  • Use beer that already has a big richness and complexity and a low bitterness (think aged Imperial Stout, Old Ale, Belgian Dark Strong)
  • And pair your dinner with a similar beer you used in the stock (I drank my Scottish 80/- aged for a year on French Oak)


  1. I've never made short ribs but I've always wanted to. I think this will go on my short list of things to cook.

    I think using homebrew in our recipes is a under utilized idea.

    1. The sauce was unbelievably good. I just needed to buy higher quality meat that had more marbling and fat.

      My big problem with using beer in cooking is tricking my wife. I have to make the dish so that it is not obvious that there is beer in it or she will automatically not like it. I try do this as I think the beer should enhance the food, not by a dominant flavor.


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