Friday, February 26, 2010

Ash's Azuki Bike Build / Restore

So I have been anxious to find a bike that Ash will like to ride. After asking her about 100 questions, I narrowed it down to:
1. Make it pretty
2. Don't make it complicated to ride
3. Paint it white

So from those 3 points I decided to restore an older bike that has a fun shape to the frame. Basically the older bikes are a lighter weight version of current beach cruiser look. Also she doesn't want it complicated to ride which to me means the less components and cables the better. So the best option seems to be an internal hub with a coaster brake. I'm not sure why these hubs lost popularity but I think they are amazing.(Sturmey Archer started it all). Then figure out how to repaint a bike.

So look at what I found (actually my mom at a garage sale), just beautiful:
 And I also found a 3 speed Sturmey Archer internal hub that I am going to restore and use it on the Azuki Tourist frame.

4/22/10 Change in Plans: I was given a 1970's Huffy that is complete. So it will be much easier to restore for my first big project. But I will come back to this bike and restore it.

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