Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Purpose of the Blog

Basically this is a place for my mental download. As my wife Ashley can confirm I have no sort of memory so I need a place to write everything down. And I can't do this on paper since it will eventually be lost or thrown away by the aforementioned wife.I have a habit of having too many things going on a once and this will let me track where I left off. I also like to research all my activities to the fullest so this is a place where I can summarize my findings.
 I love to ride bikes and work on them. Unfortunately, I'm not the best at either but have fun trying . I am also a big beer fan, that enjoys to homebrew and taste everything I can. Luckily I'm in the right place since San Diego is an epicenter for the Beer Renaissance. Next, the outdoors and new places, so I'll document what I find so I can remember how to get back there some day and maybe someone else can enjoy what I have. I train once in a while for Triathlons/Adventure Racing.

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