Friday, February 26, 2010

Cooking with Beer: Dark Mild Beef Stew

Maybe the title of the dish needs some work. Most commonly you will see a stew like this referred to as a Guinness or Stout Beef Stew. But since I just brewed a Dark Mild and had it on draft I thought it would work well. Being Newlyweds, Ash and I have been trying to find more recipes that we can add to our "Regulars" list. So we have been searching for recipes that we both like and don't require too many complex ingredients. Mostly we'll find a recipe by the name that sounds good and then adapt to use what we have on hand. So this led me to my good college friend's cooking blog, Cate's World Kitchen. You will see more recipes in the future adapted from her recipes.
Recipe fits perfectly in a 4 Quart Slowcooker:
2-2.5lbs Stewing Beef (roast) cut into bite sized pieces
Oil from browning meat
Flour to coat meat for browning(for you beer peeps (maillard reactions))
1 Onion to saute in pot after browning meat
1 Tomato sauted w onion or use 3Tb paste
1 Dark Beer (Dark Mild, need some roast in it to replace the BBQ taste) add to deglaze pan after onions
2-3 Carrots chunked up into Slow Cooker
2-3 Potatoes chunked up into Slow Cooker

Keep it Simple. Brown the meat until brown throw into slow cooker. Add onions/tomatoes till they sweat add your beer. Add the cut up carrots and potatoes to the slow cooker. 
Cook on HIGH for 3 hours then LOW for another 3 or until you are ready to eat.

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