Friday, June 11, 2010

26th Birthday Pub Crawl : North Park

I love good beer and so do a lot of my friends. And the rest of them were looking for a good reason to drink on a Sunday. We are lucky that a few miles from our house is the community of North Park that has somewhat recently been converted into the good beer bar area of San Diego. So below is a map of our little Sunday stroll. I wanted to add more places but the wife thought that it was excessive and she was right with 6 places we were cooked.
So here is a brief description of each place we went:
Start 2:00 - Sea Rocket Bistro (decent beer list,bit pricy,but unique)
- drank Stone Porter w Amer. Oak on cask(nice), Airdale Dark Smoky (a bit hot for me)
Next Blue Foot Bar - Lounge - (ok beers, and good atmosphere)
- drank New English ESB (nice balance)
Next Linkery - (Great beer, several casks, local food)
- drank Sampler only standout was the Braggot from Craftsmen
Next Toronado - (Best Beer list, but terrible staff (don't smile too loud))
- drank Cantillion Iris (thanks PJ, amazingly complex), Cuvee de Jacobins (might be my favorite Flanders Red)
Lastly Ritual Tavern - (I think my favorite place, great beer and atmosphere)
- drank Nostradamus (super complex dark strong)

So those 5 are all we were able to make it too but the following are a great way to extend the crawl or will probably be the ones we do next year:
Whistle Stop Bar - 2236 Fern St (still need to try)
Station Tavern - 2204 Fern St (still need to try)
Hamiltons Tavern - 1521 30th St (probably my favorite place)
oh and we skipped Urban Solace (a little too fancy for a pub crawl)

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