Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brewing Equipment: Fermentation Cabinet - Step 4

So I am not a electronics expert but if someone gives me a diagram of the circuit I can understand it and reproduce it. So lucky for me over at Homebrewtalk.com there are a few experts. And from some extra help from a user named ClaudiusB I was able to get everything wired up. I just used basic wire nuts and the old trusty strippers and was done in 15 - 20 minutes.
Next I had to figure out how to program the thing, which is pretty easy if you can follow directions. ON advice from some forum users, I set my controller to have a 3 degree range, and a 30 minute rest period. The point of this is to reduce the cycling of the compressor as to not wear it out.

So all that was to do was to fill the shelves with brew stuff. No Problem.

Step 1 - Fridge Disassemble

Step 2 - Cabinet Build

Step 3 - Painting and Insulation

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