Monday, June 7, 2010

Brewing Equipment: Fermentation Cabinet - Step 3

Alright so I have the whole structure built. Now I need to install the doors for the fridge compartment and the insulation. I decided to go very simple here and just use 3" hinges. They are cheap and easy to install. Plus this is going into a closet so I am not terribly worried about the ascetics. Once everything is painted it will look nice enough.

I cut the insulation with a drywall knife which I found to be the easiest. A razor blade wasn't quite thick enough plus it tends to find its own path while cutting. I had very simple measures for my fridge chamber, I need (4) 12"x12"(top and bottom, double thick) and (8) 12" x 24" pieces for the sides. I ended up not needing glue they all press fit in (in the near future I am covering the sides with melamine, just having a tough time sourcing it). For the front door I used contact cement to put the 2 pieces together and then the same to the door. It was pretty easy to line up by just partially closing the door and holding the insulation in place and marking the corners. I then taped off all the edges to prevent the insulation from being destroyed over time.
So now was painting time everything got a coat of primer and then white gloss to blend in with the paint in the closet. Pretty easy job with a mini roller.
Next onto wiring.

Step 1 - Fridge Disassemble

Step 2 - Cabinet Build

Step 4 - Wiring and Organization

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